Who is watching you

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Steve Mann describes Surveilance is to record an activitiy from the perspective of a participant, typically shown on live video . The first thing i really thought about was the Truan show and how a man was living a life from a baby. He was on live TV 24- 7 it had a very scary idea that you coudl never find out who is actually watching you at any time. I walk past camera to walk to university and i dont no who is watching me and wear that footage could be taking. As there is a massive industry on the internet for funny movies and people can upload anything these days. The biggest site for this is YouTube a broadcasting site for any users. I have put videos of friends up and i am in video myself which is scary who actually watches them. This got me to think about Facebook how i spend hours of my days on that software putting imagery and videos of my friends. I have actually put personal Details onto the web as mobil number and who i am going out with could. I have also put were i live and things i enjoy doing, any one can see these imformation, which made me feel unsure about using these softwares. i have over 400 imagers of myself and friends from past years. I think facebook has got more private over the years as you need to be friends to see people. I think this becuase i never add people i dont no for my own troubles. In the lecture they said people can use Facebook, myspace and bebo to see if you would be good for jobs and what you are like as a character for back up information. i do not like the use of this becuase i do have photos and other things off friends i am sure my future employer would not want to see. I think people need to be careful as you do not who is watching you.


A new world

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 have been looking at new pieces of software which lets peoples have another life and be who ever they want. This is lettin people have to lifes in one they can have a boring job but in Second Life , they can be what they want with no troubles. I think the people who use this software our people who our bored and wish they could be something else and Second Life can create this unbelieveable character for them.  The developer was Linden Lab and was launched in 2003 still a new programme to people. 

In the lecture we found out that some people meet over Second Life and even one cuple got married through it. To me this seems very crazy as a person can lie or create a character nothing like themself. The funny think my lecture said was the man was cheating on Second Life, it seems like some people actual real lifes our actually moved to Second Life. I think the problem was they tried to make a perfect world ont he internet but it still did not seem to happen as character still have typcial trades.  How characters can not be fat, ugly or poor every one is the same, this idea is fair becuase it gives every one a even chance. A lot of business invested into Second Life when it hit off bit a few years ago and could even use banks. I think the idea of this is a little mad as you do not no were your money is . Even Coventry University invested into a space onto the software, which makes me think will they be our future. I dont think i will ever get into it but i could see it increasing as people spend hours alone on the internet.

Final Artifact

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After handing in my final artefact for my 112mc Convergant Media module, I am very happy with my finish product. I found this project very challenging in parts but at the same time i became more confident with three software, which can be used in a lot of companies. When i first started this module i was a little worried because i never really used Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop before and i have heard they were pretty hard to use. When i got going i found out they take a while to get used to but when you are there is endless things you can achieve with them. I feel my final Artifact looks professional and i have covered everything on the brief. 


This is a screen shot of my final outcome.

New and Improved

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In the last weeks of lectures i have learn new things about the use of the internet and how is changed over many years. Web 1.0 is the old standard Web, which people have to dial up and take information from one source. This puts a lot more pressure onto the main server, This was a standard way of gathering information but at the time this was a great movement in our time. There is a big contrast between Web 2,0 is very much about more freedom and expressing yourself with your own ways. There are many different things which make them different, the thing which really got Web 2.0 going was the broadband. This was a major difference of speed which has grown over the years to let people download amazingly quick. It is really showing the old from the new, how everything is getting more improved everyday. 



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In this project we have learn many different new softwares, the one i found most challenging was Flash. We only used in two workshop lessons but we found out a bit about basic uses. The main part of flash is the moving imagery and how you can put buttons etc.

I really enjoyed using Dreamweaver and Photoshop as they are tools i would like to use later in life and outside my workshops. I never really heard about Flash, which made me think what is it for. i found we were taught the basic but in a slow way, which let me get a understanding of the software. i really found parts of it hard, such as when we had to put buttons in use by code, i thought i would be good as i know simple HTML but it was very different. However, when i got more confident with it, i could include Flash more than my first thoughts in future work.

The Flash we had to use for our final project was to make a slideshow, using buttons to move from picture to picture. We had to use our imagery from the photoshop project. Then we had to put this into a Web Site, making us combine all three software into one final outcome.


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The new software i have enjoyed most was Photoshop i think this becuase i have graphics for three years and used it throughout. i knew many skills already but it was nice to refresh in the workshops and get going with the project. I like going out and thinking about what images i want to take but in the back of my head thinking what i can do to with photoshop. It feels good when u have good and clear photographs to be able to play with and make your own style. I think overall i done a good job with the final artifact and my images came out well. I think with more time i could of spend more time to get the colours correct and bring the images off the page more. I think i use more of these software i will achieve more.


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My second assignment is to create a simple internet site using the software of  Dreamweaver. I had to show my ability to link from page to page and link to other internet sites. I took time to think about what i would make my Dreamweaver website as i have a great intrest in design websites.  I also wanted to use my own imagery but i found this hard as i did not take many photographs to uni. I helped my friend at home create a internet site for his own record label, so i kinda used some of them as i have already knew what i was working with. I didn’t think that the images from my earlier assignment would be sufficient enough to make a site which was intresting or relates to myself.  I had this idea of my own Record Label, which i knew a little about and helping my friend gave me a great start to the project.

After choosing these images i chose that my piece would simply have three different pages. I wanted the first page to be a simple homepage which is a key to other pages and tells a bit about the website. The next page will be Gallery as i can use my imagery and give it a busier effect . The last page will be tour dates for the bands using tables, i wanted to make every page different to each other. I find the final outcome of my simple website came out well and achieved all the goals of the brief.

Stefan Sagmeister

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I found this talk from Stafan was very inspirating to me. I have done graphics for many years now from A levels to Uni, the hardest thing to do is make people understand your work and why you did it . Stefan has that ability to show his own happiness through his work, which makes you relate to it . He has tried to talk about what makes people happy and through out the video the audience are laughing from his work and life expericences. Its a case of not telling someone what will make them happy but showing them something and letting them discover the happiness in it. Many of his methods made me think about my work and how the way i feel can really reflect on what final outcomes.

This is a picture of Stefan Sagmiester and one of the biggest pieces of work he can done. This image is actually of himself, peopel have been discussing  for years about how he did it. He said he cut all the words into his own skin but once he uses Photoshop for all his work. The conclusion is that he used that but people do not know how he got it so perfect to his skin. He likes to make people think and this people got me really look at the image. As a artist i really like his work, even though this image kind of makes me what it to be a Photoshop image.